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Victim Advocacy

The crime victim’s advocate within the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office acts as a liaison with prosecutors to ensure that victims have the opportunity to provide input and that their rights are upheld throughout the court process.  The advocate accompanies victims to court upon request and keeps them updated on case status and disposition.  She provides prosecutors with information as to any financial restitution that victims may be due as the result of a charged crime.  She also assists in locating and utilizing resources to improve the emotional and mental health of crime victims and their families in the aftermath of crime.  The crime victim’s advocate chairs monthly meetings of the Child Sex Abuse Multidisciplinary Team and participates actively on the Sexual Assault Response Team.

Victims have the right to be free from any intimidation, harassment and retaliation.  If you are a victim of violent crime, you may be entitled to a free, certified copy of the Judicial Release Decision and Conditions of Release (per KRS 431.064). A defendant could be arrested for violating these conditions. These conditions MAY include but are not limited to no contact with the victim. Contact the McCracken Circuit Clerk’s Office at 270-575-7280 for a copy of the bond conditions if you wish to receive one. Additionally, victims of interpersonal or domestic violence may be eligible for a protective order through the McCracken County Attorney’s Office of Victim Assistance by coming to the McCracken County Courthouse or calling 270-444-8545.

If a defendant is in custody in Kentucky, victims may now choose to register electronically for phone or e-mail alerts concerning a defendant’s release from custody at or by calling 1-800-511-1670.  Victims may register for notifications of upcoming proceedings scheduled in a court case through VINE Court Services.

Pursuant to KRS 421.500, the crime victim’s advocate works to ensure justice and healing for Commonwealth's crime victims.  Please contact me for assistance at the phone number listed on this page.

The functions of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office regarding crime victims' rights is outlined in the KY Crime Victim's Bill of Rights.

When a defendant has pleaded guilty to a felony crime, victims have the right to address the Court.  A victim impact statement may be helpful in expressing your views and could help the Court to determine whether incarceration or probation should be ordered at sentencing.  The victim impact statement is forwarded to the Kentucky Parole Board for use in helping determine whether a defendant should receive parole if a defendant is incarcerated.

Victims who have a financial loss as a result of a defendant’s crime may be eligible for restitution.  Requests for restitution should be submitted in writing and should be completed and returned at least 1 week prior to the pre-trial conference set in the case.  Please contact the victim’s advocate for more information on this process or if you have any questions.  Crime victims may also wish to open a claim with the Kentucky Claims Commission for help with medical and some other expenses.  The commission may also provide assistance in cases that are not currently pending in the criminal justice system.  Download the Loss Report.

Your Victim Advocate 

Shelley Byrne
Crime Victim's Advocate
McCracken County Courthouse
301 South 6th Street
Paducah, KY 42003


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